Word is Bond

As I’ve grown up I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the phrases “Be a man of your word” and “Word is bond”, but recently I've been really reflecting on the inner and outer aspects of their meaning. To be a man/woman of your word reflects integrity, honesty, loyalty and respect. Not only are people like this easier to trust and rely on, but it reveals in them a deep discipline and power that is rare to find. Whether it's your brother, friend, dad, mom, boss or coworker, when one shows this integrity, you immediately feel safe around them, and not only can you trust them as a friend, but also as a leader. The outer aspect of keeping your word to other people has an immediate effect on yourself and all of your relationships, instilling deeper respect and trust in all areas of your life. Not only will others begin to trust you more, but this will reflect in your own subconscious, and you will also trust yourself more, increasing your confidence and security in life. When one lives by their word, with their actions reflecting what they say and their truth being fully transparent, their word literally becomes a bond within this physical reality.

This goes into the first inner meaning of these phrases: being a man of your word is not just about following through on promises or agreements, but that all of your actions reflect what you say, think, and believe. To embody your knowledge rather than talk about it is the process of your words and ideas integrating into your subconscious/heart, where they can properly direct your life. Your word becomes a bond between you, your beliefs, and your actions, and the more you act upon your word, the stronger the bond becomes.

Another inner meaning I want to touch is the idea of keeping your word not only with others but also with yourself, being true, honest, and trustworthy in your own being. I notice in myself that I hold a great value on my word when it is towards another person, but often times when I tell myself I am going to do something, I don’t follow through or take it as seriously. Why is it that we don’t hold ourselves in the same light and respect?

Whether it is waking up early, going to the gym, eating certain foods, meditating, etc., if you tell yourself that you are going to do something, you should follow through with it in the same sincerity you would with your best friend or family member. I’ve been taking a practical approach to this in treating every thing I tell myself I will do as if I am saying it to someone I deeply admire and respect. Don’t we deserve the same deep respect and honesty that we give to other people? Not only has this improved my life on the surface by instilling better habits and structure, but it has also given me a deeper sense of empowerment and joy that I felt was missing before. It has also reflected in my relationships where I take the word I give to others more sincerely. I know it’s cliché, but it’s becoming more and more clear that how you treat yourself really does echo into the world and how you treat others echoes back into your own being.

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I find that I don’t treat myself with the same respect as others because I know my deepest failures and depravity. I feel I don’t deserve the same respect because I’m not perfect. Even though I know others are not perfect either, I look past or forgive others their shortcomings.

The question is, can I show myself the same grace and look past my failures…


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